Setting Up A New Address List (Exchange Server 2003)

January 6, 2008

Ok, decided to toss in here a little bit of Exchange Server 2003. Specifically, how to set up a new address list:

1. Open System Manager and select the Recipients node in the console tree (left pane).
2. Expand the Recipients object by clicking the plus sign; then right-click the All Address Lists node, point to new, and select Address List.
3. Type a name that describes the list you’re creating (for example, Company Email Addresses).
4. Click Filter Rules to select list membership criteria. On the General tab, click the check boxes for the users, groups, public folders or contacts that should be displayed in the list. Clear the check boxes for unwanted items.
5. Click the Advanced tab, click Field, and then click one of the following attributes that you want to use for your address book filter: User, Contact, Group, or Public Folder.
6. Under the Condition label, select a condition that fits the type of information to search on. Next, click Add to complete the process.
7. After you finish adding conditions, click Find Now. Double-check that the list contains the correct users in the list, then click Ok.

The newly-created address list is displayed in Exchange System Manager. To confirm the address lists are configured properly and are available for users the next time they start Outlook, simply:

1. Log onto a workstation as a user and start Outlook.
2. Click New, click Mail Message and click To.
3. Click the down arrow in the Show Names From box and confirm the new address book is displayed under All Address Lists.

Administrators will often want to edit information in the address lists. The properties of the default address lists cannot be edited, but the properties of lists created by admins can be. To modify a list’s properties, simply:

1. Open Exchange System Manager and select the Recipients node in the console tree (left pane). Expand the Recipients node by clicking the plus sign and then clicking the plus sign next to the All Address Lists node.
2. Right-click and select Properties of the address list to modify. Click Modify to create a new filter for the address list.
3. On the General tab, select the appropriate users, groups or contacts to be displayed in the recipients list. Use the Advanced tab to set address list limiting criteria.
4. After all filters are set for the list, click Ok and then click Finish. This will make the list available the next time users start Outlook.


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