Run Your Own Server

December 6, 2007

Ever since getting a 30GB Video iPod as a combination birthday/Christmas gift last year from my wife, I’ve been listening to the Run Your Own Server podcast via iTunes.

The podcast is run by three guys (Thud, Seg and Gek) who all work full-time as system administrators. The topics they cover are things of particular interest to those who either work as system admins, or those who want to work as system admins.

Things ranging from databases to DNS to file servers to L.A.M.P. (which will receive its own lone blog in the future) to different operating systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, and more) to how to land a job as a system admin and more really show the depth and innate skill that the three of them have.

If you have ANY interest in system administration, either as a career or just for fun, this is a podcast you CANNOT miss.



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