The Obligatory First Posting

December 1, 2007

G’day (no, I’m not Australian… I just like the sound of that)… My name is David, and I am the owner of The Real Ping.

First, a little about me… I’m 40 years old, I work for an outsourcing company located in Cheshire, Connecticut on their West Coast team, supporting three hospitals: Valley Medical Center located in Renton, Washington; Eisenhower Medical Center, located in Rancho Mirage, California; and Southwest Washington Medical Center, located in Vancouver, Washington. I work on the Service Desk, fielding calls from users with technical issues ranging from computer-related (including software issues), blackberry and PDA issues, and telephone issues.

 My intention for this blog will be a place to talk about all things related to networking… Operating systems, software, hardware, network design, cabling, firewalls, security, servers, etc. Anything related to the topic of computer networking is fair game… Also included from time to time will be any links to networking or security-related Websites that I feel are relevant, and also some networking tips or tricks that I learn as I go about a pursuit of my “dream” career… That of System Administrator. Possibly even some photos may creep in here… Depends what my twisted little mind conjures up.

While there is really nothing here yet, please continue to check back. I’m going to try to update this at least every weekend.

So stay tuned! Same bat-time… Same bat-channel!


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